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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, we can help.

At Jade, we understand the complexity of addiction and the factors that influence substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol can be used socially for recreation, to manage our mood and emotions, and for performance. Sometimes outside of our own awareness, we can become psychologically and/or physiologically reliant on a substance and continue to use to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal and other negative experiences. As a result of our substance abuse, we can easily feel shameful for our circumstances leading us to avoid, hide, or isolate from our families and friends. Remember, addiction is not prejudiced to any gender, race, or creed and can afflict anyone

This might be you or your loved ones first-time considering treatment. Maybe you have tried treatment in the past and need care that takes a new approach. No matter your path, you are not alone. Jade is here to support you through your journey and help you find the quality of life you’ve been looking for.  

Jade offers the industry’s leading and innovative treatment interventions to help you or your loved one achieve long term recovery. Our programming is built on an integrative model of that blends medical, psychological and holistic approaches to treatment that address you as a whole person. We strive to utilize advances in technology to provide state-of-the-art care, customized to address your unique needs. Jades interventions are rooted in evidenced-based practices that have been proven effective in reducing negative symptoms that antagonize relapse, increasing emotional regulation, and promoting skill development.

“The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones” – W. Somerset Maugham



Details of Our Addiction Treatment Program


Our process starts by better understanding your specific challenges. Our clinical team will work with you to understand, assess, and develop a treatment plan that’s best for you. Our outpatient program is a phased approach ranging from a daily program, stepping down to three days a week, then down to once a week sessions. The phase system allows our clients to develop the skills necessary to maintain sobriety and effectively transition into long-term recovery. Through individual, family, and group therapy, our program facilitates healthier relationships, positive emotional improvement, and improved life skills

Treatment Our Programming

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach based on evidence-based treatment modalities.


Develop and improve relaxation techniques that you know are working. Increase self-awareness and regulation, positively affecting outcomes.


The person should have access to a safe and comfortable place to live.


Meaningful activities, such as work, volunteerism, or creative endeavors, should be part of daily life.


Social networks that foster feelings of friendship and love should surround the person.

Our program works to improve these four components for our patients and their families. 

The Levels of Care We Offery


Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is a daily 6-hour intensive day program of group and individual therapy. This is only recommended on a case-by-case basis based on patient need.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We also offer a daily 3 to 4-hour morning, afternoon and evening outpatient program. This program varies between 3 to 5 days a week depending on patient need. We try to transition our clients from our day program to our evening program as treatment progresses.

Outpatient Treatment

We offer both onsite and secure telecounseling offsite outpatient services to our clients. We believe continuing support and meetings are crucial to successful recovery. We work with our patients to step down from twice a week to once a month over several months. Our alumni program allows for more meaningful evening groups and community support.

Insurance Verification

    Verify Your Insurance

    If you or someone you love is interested in treatment and would like information about how insurance may help offset the cost of treatment, please complete the following form and our team will be in touch with you shortly. While it may take up to 18 hours to fully complete a verification during the week, depending on the time of submission, we can usually have a benefits summary complete within a few hours.

    Insurance Accepted

    We accept private insurance. Call us today to learn more about your insurance benefits and often insurance can cover almost all of the costs of treatment.