Family Therapy

Our Clinical Treatment Strategy, Modality and Levels of Care

Family Counseling is a key component of our treatment strategy

Studies have shown that family involvement has a positive impact on effective treatment. Re-establishing a healthy home environment is not only effective for the patient but often for the family as well, improving emotional intimacy.

Education and counseling can lead to a more fulfilling relationship between everyone involved.

The two disciplines, family therapy and substance abuse treatment, bring different perspectives to treatment implementation. Family therapy addresses the interdependent nature of family relationships and how these relationships serve the [client] and other family members for good or ill. The focus of family therapy treatment is to intervene in these complex relational patterns and to alter them in ways that bring about productive change for the entire family. – SAMHSA

Our family therapy will follow industry leading standards of care based on evidenced based research specific to the population served. Evidenced-based models include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Seeking Safety, EMDR and Trauma Informed Care.

What is Family Therapy and Why is it Important?

Family therapy refers to a group of treatment styles that target the group rather than the individual within the group. All the styles are based on the notion that families share a connection, and by modifying one component of the system, you can affect the other components. This means the health of a family can play a major role in the success of recovery.

A More Integrated Approach

Historically, someone in recovery for addiction would receive treatment independently, often removed from their home, community, and family, but there has been a recent shift towards a more integrated approach to treatment that not only focuses on the individual but their family environment as well. Family therapy is an example of this kind of treatment. 

Highly Recommended

This approach has been shown to provide high benefits with low costs, and organizations including the National Institute on Drug Abuse and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend that family therapy be incorporated into any substance abuse treatment program.

Treatment Our Programming

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach based on evidence-based treatment modalities.


Develop and improve relaxation techniques that you know are working. Increase self-awareness and regulation, positively affecting outcomes.


The person should have access to a safe and comfortable place to live.


Meaningful activities, such as work, volunteerism, or creative endeavors, should be part of daily life.


Social networks that foster feelings of friendship and love should surround the person.

Our Program focuses on improving family relationships, communication, and emotional wellness through effective family therapy.

Summary of Our Family Services

Client & Family Therapy

As part of our clinical program, our clinical team works to organize family therapy sessions weekly or bi-monthly therapy with the client’s assigned therapist. The frequency of family therapy is based on the initial assessment and phase of treatment, then steps down to an as-needed basis. In the event of geographic separation, we utilize our private and secure telehealth platform and we can accommodate evening hours as necessary. 

Parent Education & Support Groups

Having a child in recovery can be emotionally straining and a continued struggle. At JADE, we offer parents to those in recovery a support group lead by a member of our clinical team. We schedule parent education & support groups monthly. We will provide you a calendar of groups as well as various events we have scheduled on a monthly basis. 

Individual Therapy, for Parents

As a dual diagnosis facility, we offer psychotherapy on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. Psychotherapy explores thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and seeks to improve an individual’s well-being. Jade provides individual, group, and family therapy to help patients eliminate or control disabling or troubling symptoms to increase functionality and overall quality of life, free from distress and impairment. 

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