Mental Health Treatment

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If you or a loved one needs help, we are here to help.

Mental health is something we all experience, and a multitude of variables can significantly impact our mental state.  Relationships, work, school, and other responsibilities can feel overwhelming or even unattainable when negative symptoms and behaviors interfere with the quality of your life. Our treatment programming works to provide you or your loved ones the necessary tools and support needed to overcome the barriers to your recovery. 

At Jade, we believe recovery comes from providing personalized care to each of our clients. Our multidisciplinary model of care combines both innovative and comprehensive services, which treats the whole person. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, grief and loss, adjustment issues, or other intrusive thoughts or feelings, Jade is here to help. Our industry leading diagnostic and treatment interventions are customized to each client’s needs and focuses on symptom reduction, emotional regulation, and skill development. Utilizing the expertise of our clinicians, the power of our therapeutic programming, and your own personal strengths, you can start on the path to a more fulfilling life. 

“You, yourself, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and affection”          – The Buddah



Details of Our Mental Health Treatment Program

Our process starts by better understanding your specific challenges. Our clinical team will work with you to understand, assess, and develop a treatment plan that’s best for you. Our outpatient program is a phased approach ranging from a daily program, stepping down to three days a week, then down to once a week sessions. The phase system allows our clients to develop the skills necessary to maintain sobriety and effectively transition into long-term recovery. Through individual, family, and group therapy, our program facilitates healthier relationships, positive emotional improvement, and improved life skills


Discover Better Ways to Manage Your Emotions

Distressing emotions can feel overwhelming and at times be hard to manage. Our feelings can escalate to the point where we feel like we have lost control of ourselves and the world around us. In desperation, we look to things outside of ourselves for relief from the pain and discomfort of these distressing thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, some are left utilizing outlets such as unhealthy relationships, drugs and alcohol, self-injurious behavior, and even suicide because we are unaware of how to cope any other way. At Jade, our team of experts will develop a plan to help you stabilize your mood so you can find relief from your emotional distress. Through comprehensive diagnostic assessments, customized treatment planning, and evidenced-based therapeutic interventions, you or your loved one will discover healthy ways to cope and manage their emotions. Our programming offers an integrative approach to care with interventions such as Biofeedback, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and other holistic services. Find comfort in knowing that our team will provide you the tools to develop the skills needed to successfully regulate and manage your mood.


Work Through Life Change,
With Support

Many of us struggle to manage changes in life circumstances and the associated stress can interfere with your ability to live a healthy life. Events such as divorce, being diagnosed with an illness, loss of a job, or starting a new chapter in life are experiences are often hard to cope with. These significant life changes can make you feel anxious, depressed, and fearful for the future.  As a result, you may begin to act in ways that are not typical as you try to navigate through the stress of change.  Jade understands the effect major life changes and offers a supportive therapeutic environment where you can process your experiences and distress. Using individual, group, and other ancillary interventions, our multidisciplinary team of clinicians can support you through your psychological distress and develop strategies to successfully cope with life changes. Our treatment approach allows you to find relief from suffering, deepen your understanding of yourself, and find confidence as you start a new chapter in your life.


Eliminate Your Failure To Launch

Failure to launch can occur when something is standing in the way of you or a loved one moving towards developmental milestones. These milestones can be events such as moving out of the house, beginning or finishing school, finding or maintaining employment, or engaging in healthy and satisfying relationships. Often, many clients have been misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated for years, preventing them from successful achievement of their goals. It is imperative to receive treatment from clinicians with the expertise necessary to identify complex psychological illnesses and provide therapeutic interventions that effectively address your symptoms. Incomplete or inappropriate treatment may put you at risk of relapse into old behaviors. At Jade, we provide individualized diagnostic assessment and treatment interventions that are meaningful and specific to you. With the support of our treatment program, you or your loved one will move towards where you want to be. 


Our Clinical Treatment Strategy


The Levels of Care We Offer


Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is a daily 6-hour intensive day program of group and individual therapy. This is only recommended on a case-by-case basis based on patient need.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We also offer a daily 3 to 4-hour morning, afternoon and evening outpatient program. This program varies between 3 to 5 days a week depending on patient need. We try to transition our clients from our day program to our evening program as treatment progresses.

Outpatient Treatment

We offer both onsite and secure telecounseling offsite outpatient services to our clients. We believe continuing support and meetings are crucial to successful recovery. We work with our patients to step down from twice a week to once a month over several months. Our alumni program allows for more meaningful evening groups and community support.

Insurance Verification

    Verify Your Insurance

    If you or someone you love is interested in treatment and would like information about how insurance may help offset the cost of treatment, please complete the following form and our team will be in touch with you shortly. While it may take up to 18 hours to fully complete a verification during the week, depending on the time of submission, we can usually have a benefits summary complete within a few hours.

    Insurance Accepted

    We accept private insurance. Call us today to learn more about your insurance benefits and often insurance can cover almost all of the costs of treatment.