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Recovery Doesn't End In 90 Days


Alumni & After-Care Services

Recovery Is A Lifetime Effort

At Jade Recovery we do not believe in a 90-day program as a cure. Our after-care program extends well beyond discharge. We encourage all of our graduating clients to participate in our alumni program to develop lasting relationships with other sober individuals who are committed to change.

Tele-Health Platform

In partnership with Alleva, we are pleased to offer an excellent option to clients in our after-care program who move away or prefer home-based therapy. They can now utilize a secure and effective telehealth platform to continue individual therapy with their therapist from treatment. 

Alumni Support Groups

Inquire today about our alumni groups and events. We think it’s important to find or develop a sober community, and we’re here to help. Jade partners with several groups in supporting alumni events and sporting events. There are new friendships and new relationships to make after-treatment. Celebrate sobriety and change with a community. Find out more at JADE. 

Additional Clinical Services

At JADE, find the help you’ve been missing. We offer a different approach, with more individual therapy and a focus on reconnecting.

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Learn More About Our Group Therapy

At JADE, we offer more than a 90 day program – we help you find lasting change.

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