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Family Therapy at JADE

Integrated Treatment

Our approach to treatment involves screening patients to identify which groups and which interventions will be most effective for you. Everyone is different, we believe your treatment should be too. We don’t have our patients all participate in the group schedule. As a result, groups should be more interesting, more relevant and more helpful.

Reconnect & Restore Balance

Studies have shown that family involvement has a positive impact on effective treatment. Re-establishing a healthy home environment is not only effective for the patient, but often for the family as well. Family therapy can have positive results, improving emotional intimacy.

Interactive & Engaging

Who wants to participate in groups that are boring? Treatment shouldn’t feel like punishment.  We’ve heard from clients that they’ve been in groups they didn’t enjoy, and they often didn’t get any value from it. Or they felt groups were repetitive and relaying the same information they already heard last time in treatment. We believe it’s time to break the mold. 


The Importance of Family Therapy

Family therapy refers to a group of treatment styles that target the group rather than the individual within the group. All the styles are based on the notion that families share a connection, and by modifying one component of the system, you can affect the other components. This means the health of a family can play a major role in the success of recovery. Family, however individually defined, is our closest point of connection. A key component of our treatment re-building the connection points that may be damaged or broken.

Why Connection Matters

Take a look at the Ted Talk to perfectly summarize the importance of human connection.

Most people have heard of the rat experiment where a rat can choose between regular water or drug laced water. The rat continue to consume the drugged water until they eventually overdose. But one scientist took a new take on the experiment. He built a heavenly rat luxury park with all the things rats would want. The park, perhaps most importantly, did not isolate the rats. They had friends and connections. The rats also had access to both types of water. What he found, was rats no longer preferred the drugged water.

Overdoses went from almost 100% to 0% when connection, friends, and family were introduced. While there are lots of studies that support the value in family therapy, we really see the re-establishment of connections as a core component of our treatment program. That’s not to say that we’re the same as rats, but rather that human connection is what brings joy, happiness, and memorable experiences.  

At JADE, we emphasize the importance of family therapy because that’s a starting point for rebuilding connections to those closest to you. 

At JADE, find the help you’ve been missing. We offer a different approach, with more individual therapy and a focus on reconnecting.

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