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Tailored Groups for Your Needs

Our approach to treatment involves screening patients to identify which groups and which interventions will be most effective for you. Everyone is different, we believe your treatment should be too. We don’t have our patients all participate in the group schedule. As a result, groups should be more interesting, more relevant and more helpful. 

Evidence - Based Groups

Take comfort in knowing that we only utilize clinical interventions with published scientific evidence showing their efficacy. We utilize a variety of clinical interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) among others. But people learns differently and processes differently. Find treatment at JADE tailored to you. 

Interactive & Engaging

Who wants to participate in groups that are boring? Treatment shouldn’t feel like punishment.  We’ve heard from clients that they’ve been in groups they didn’t enjoy, and they often didn’t get any value from it. Or they felt groups were repetitive and relaying the same information they already heard last time in treatment. We believe it’s time to break the mold. 


How we are different when it comes to group therapy

We think we’re unique in that we don’t have a standard group curriculum for every patient. But shouldn’t that be the way it’s supposed to be? Each patient is assessed individually and then recommended specific groups based on their challenges, personality, learning style, and history. We like to have diversity in our groups focused on a common unifying thread or theme. Despite differing backgrounds and experiences, we believe people often have more in common than they do differences. 

Break the mold

It’s time we start thinking about treatment differently. With relapse rates incredibly high, we need to do better when it comes to treatment and continued support. Come see the JADE difference.   

At JADE, find the help you’ve been missing. We offer a different approach, with more individual therapy and a focus on reconnecting.

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