Outpatient Detox for Opiates

services Outpatient Detox for Opiates

Reduce the Pain & Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal Within 30 Minutes

At Jade Recovery we utilize The Bridge® Device as part of our treatment program. The Bridge® Device was cleared by the FDA and categorized as a neurology device. The Bridge® is the first non-pharmaceutical, non-implantable medical device available today for opiate (heroin) and opioid (e.g. oxycontin, methadone, suboxone) addicts needing help with withdrawal pain and associated symptoms. 

The Bridge Device was granted a new indication by the FDA for use in helping reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

The NSS-2 BRIDGE is a percutaneous nerve field stimulator (PNFS) device system, that can be used as an aid to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal, through application to branches of Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX, and X, as well as branches of the occipital nerves identified by transillumination.


An Evidence-Based Program

At Jade, we take pride in utilizing innovative technology in treatment that’s supported by scientific peer-reviewed studies of its effectiveness. 

University based research studies indicate The Bridge sends gentle electrical impulses to areas of the brain and branches of nerves leading to the spinal cord via percutaneously implanted electrodes near nerve endings found in and around the ear. Effectively aiding in the reduction of symptoms of opioid withdrawal often as little as 10 minutes. 

Treatment Our Programming

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach based on evidence-based treatment modalities.


Develop and improve relaxation techniques that you know are working. Increase self-awareness and regulation, positively affecting outcomes.


The person should have access to a safe and comfortable place to live.


Meaningful activities, such as work, volunteerism, or creative endeavors, should be part of daily life.


Social networks that foster feelings of friendship and love should surround the person.

Our program works to improve these four components for our patients and their families. 

Summary of Our Outpatient Detox Program

Initial Assessment

We start with an initial assessment administered by one of our trained therapists, who will ensure you meet the criteria for our program.

Five Days of Continuous Use

The device is meant to be worn continuously for five days unless otherwise directed by a clinician. The exact length of time and number of treatments may vary from person, and would be discussed in the initial assessment and revised as necessary.