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Think Differently


Everyone finds their own path, but what is your path? Are you struggling with identifying what you want to do? Do you feel like you don’t have direction? If you’re feeling unfulfilled and struggling with the next step, our team can help. 

A strong sense of purpose is also correlated with positive self-esteem and identity. All three are important to mental health. Individuals with a low self-esteem often struggle with anxiety, depression, and lack the confidence to make decisions or take on new challenges. Low self-esteem can also lead to engaging or continuing in unhealthy relationships. Combating low self-esteem often involves redefining the narrative around self-identity. Identifying negative thoughts such as “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not good enough” can help start the process of changing that narrative. 

While everyone is constantly balancing the different areas of their life, it’s not something that we’re ever taught how to do. It’s not taught in our education school system. It’s not something we’re born knowing. Instead, we often learn through our parents, trial and error, or friends. It may not be until later in life that you realize you’ve picked up unhealthy coping strategies. That’s where our team can help as a life coach to help you identify and understand your thoughts before you act. To learn more about our programs and services, contact us today and one of our counselors can help you learn more. 

Additional Services

Regain Balance
Between family, friends, work, and hobbies we are all constantly in a state of trying to find balance across responsibilities and activities. But when obstacles hit across two or three buckets at the same time, you may end up feeling overwhelmed. We can help.
Mood Management
If you feel like your days are swinging out of control, whether it’s waking up with complete apathy, feelings of isolation, or fatigue, we can help. You don’t have to live to anxiety or depression. Discover ways to better manage your mood.
Addiction and mental disorders can put strains on family, spouse, and friend relationships. We think it’s incredibly important to reconnect into a safe and healthy community, even if that means leaving behind an old one. At JADE, we can help.

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